Create a schedule

Planning a schedule increases your motivation to stay healthy, which will help you in following the schedule punctually.

Create a workout routine

Staying at home also helps you find time to maintain a workout routine. All you need is a corner of your house where you have optimum space. It can either be your garden or your living room. There are plenty of workout routines that are available on the internet which you can choose according to your age and body type. Get creative about using household items as fitness tools.

Create a comfortable office space

Assign yourself a comfortable table and set up it up as an office environment. Your chair must be comfortable but not too comfortable! Don’t sit on bed or slouch on the sofa as it will affect your posture.

Take short breaks

Make sure you take three to four short breaks during your working hours to remain energised and focused.

Make indoor strolls a habit

Sitting at the same place for hours on end makes your body stiff and leads to pain in the spine and joints. Get up from your desk once in a while and take small walks inside your home.

Get adequate sleep

Sleep plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system, metabolism and even our learning. Getting a good eight-hour sleep is a must to keep both our mind and body healthy.

What our Mediclinic Parkview Hospital physiotherapists say:

Robbie: “Practise sitting to standing regularly as a chair based exercise.  Start with using your hands and progress without hands and from lower chair/sofa heights.”

Rebecca: “Exercise at home, follow gyms or individual trainers on social media, Youtube or Instagram e.g Joe Wicks.”

Janice “Stay at home, use the stairs regularly. Skip. Yoga is a great exercise for your body and mind and there are lots of online yoga sessions e.g Adriana yoga.”

Eoin: “WHO is recommending that we do daily exercises. Make it fun, different and do not do the same exercise everyday. Use your own pool which is safe for family members if you have one.”

Raquel: “For children try yoga for kids, hopscotch or cosmic yoga. Lay out cones or teddies and make an obstacle course around the home. Try bowling with water bottles. Have fun!”