Coronavirus is the most important event facing world in 2020.

During global crises it’s normal to have worries and fears for the future, so it is important to know about mental health and its role in facing the coronavirus crisis.

During this period it is required of all of us to follow government instructions for our own safety and that of others. It is also very important to think positively, do exercise, and follow a healthy diet, because this strengthens the immune system.

Try to enjoy the small details of your daily life, think about positive solutions, and always communicate with family and friends through the phone or on video chat apps. Only listen to news from trusted places and preferably only once a day.  It is important to avoid, panic from the news, and exaggerate things because this stress can also reduces a person's immunity.

Children certainly have many questions about the current situation. We need to answer their questions in an easy and simple way, help them to apply the instructions required from them for their safety, allow them to  have keep busy at home, play, innovate, communicate with their friends, organise their daily schedule to get a balance between learning and playing, but without transferring onto them any negative feelings or fears.  This will help them to accept being inside the house.

Psychiatrists advise their existing patients to maintain regular appointments contact this period, either through psychotherapy sessions or requests for medication to avoid relapse.

Those with extreme anxiety and/or sleep disturbances should also seek professional help.