7 Great tips for a healthy vision from an ophthalmologist

Tip 1: Get enough sleep

Our eyes need some rest to reorganise their intense metabolism (aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night). Cut out screen time at least 30 minutes before bedtime so that your eyes can signal to your brain that it’s time to rest.

Tip 2: Limit exposure to UV light

There are several issues caused by UV radiation such as scars on the cornea, early cataract and macular degeneration. Those can be avoided if you wear a UV filter (sunglasses, contact lenses) outdoors.

Tip 3: Exercise regularly

The lack of regular exercise reduces blood oxygen and builds up toxins in the eyes resulting in eye strain and difficulty focusing. Regular exercise enhances your vision quality by improving the blood circulation to the eyes.

Tip 4: Eat a healthy diet

Choose fruits, vegetables and roasted meats. Avoid high fat and sugar diets that increases the risk for diabetes, hypertension and hyper cholesterol, leading causes for retinal damage.

Tip 5: Quit smoking

Our body suffers from smoking and so do the eyes. The risk of dry eye, early cataracts and macular degeneration can be significantly reduced if you quit.

Tip 6: Take regular breaks from screens

The excess time on cellphone, tablets and computers, along with exposure to air conditioning while you’re looking at screens, make a very dry environment for the eyes. Remember the 20/20/20 rule for taking some breaks and adjusting your distance from the screen. Every 20 minutes take 20 seconds break and move your eyes to something 20 feet away.

Tip 7: Have regular ophthalmological examinations

Don’t miss the opportunity to check your eyes every year. Problems like glaucoma, retinal damages and tear film issues can be fixed if detected early.