1. Make the most of pools
Whether it's a blow up pool in the shade or a temperature controlled pool at a beach club, relaxing in cool water is a great way to cool down, stay cool and relax. This also takes the pressure of your feet and provides a weightless feeling.

2. Easy, breasy fabrics 
Loose fittinng clothing provides both comfort and relief from the stick humidity and boiling heat. Choose light fabrics that won't weigh you down and light colours so if out in the sun, the dark colour will not attract sunlight. 

3. Put your feet up for the summer
Try to enjoy a summer break if it's not too late in your pregnancy, whether that be to your home country if you are an ex-pat or a beach getaway to completely relax.

4. Learn a new skill
Whilst staying indoors the whole summer doesn't seem to be the most fun idea, it may be the most comfortable. To beat the boredom, why not learn a new skill? This could range from painting and crafts to online short courses and programmes.