Though mobility and social distancing are difficult in small living spaces, it is still mandatory that precautionary measures against COVID-19 as advised by the WHO are implemented at home. 

  • Each household must set ways on how they can execute social distancing at home.
  • Encourage frequent hand washing/or hand disinfection especially before touching the eyes, nose, mouth, prior to eating and after using the toilet. Make hand sanitisers, disposable tissue, and garbage receptacles visible to everyone. Make sure that all household members know that coughing must be covered with a disposable tissue and used tissue should land straight in the garbage receptacle immediately after use
  • Make room to isolate a family member who is sick
  • Make it a habit to disinfect door knobs, gadgets, and other home materials taken from outside especially when they are made up of cardboard, metals and plastic as SARS-COV-2 can stay longer on them
  • Anyone suffering from chronic disease or having respiratory symptom must wear a mask
  • And the best is to stay at home if possible in order not to pick up the virus outside and carry it to everyone inside where all can be potentially infected due to close proximity