Nine tips from a psychologist to help your kids study

Tip 1: Make a realistic plan.

One of the most important tips is to plan out their study time and duration well ahead to prepare them mentally for the study period. Be familiar with their exam schedule and plan accordingly to give time to each subject.

Tip 2: Practice answering questions.

Practice questions and answers using aids such as flash cards, notes or text books. Cover a variety of formats that could appear in the exams.

Tip 3: Take regular scheduled breaks.

Kids especially lose concentration fast therefore regular scheduled breaks allow them to regain focus and energy by stretching, snacking or taking a small walk.

Tip 4: Find a suitable learning style.

Some kids find it easy to study better when they are alone in a quiet and comfortable place. But some others find it easier to understand more when they are exchanging knowledge in a group. Always make sure, however, that there are no distractions especially TV, tablets, mobile phones or noise.

Tip 5: Encourage them to make their own customized notes.

While studying any important topics, they should always try to prepare their version of notes along with it. For the last revision they can use these notes instead of the textbook and it will help them to memorize it better.

Tip 6: Assure them that the exam doesn’t define their self-worth.

Your kids might be scared or stressed because of the future implications of the exam.  You need to reassure them that a single exam doesn’t dictate the rest of their lives.

Tip 7: Make sure they are well-nourished on the day of the exam.

Make them a good breakfast that includes many complex carbs and protein which will ensure your child’s energy levels will remain throughout the day.  Avoid sugary foods.

Tip 8: Have a consistent sleeping schedule leading up to the exam.

Make sure they have a consistent pattern of sleeping times leading up to the exam to avoid lack of focus and fatigue related to sleep deprivation.

Tip 9: Stimulate exam conditions such as a mock exam.

It is often beneficial to prepare your kids for exams by stimulating exam conditions such as practicing with mock exams.