What is mental health? Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. If you feel your mental health is not in great shape, please contact your doctor immediately.

Here are some tips that can help keep a balanced mind:

1. Take care of your body
Eat nutritious meals, avoid smoking cigarettes, get plenty of exercise and get enough sleep. Lacking in these areas can contribute to demotivation, anxiety and depression.

2. Learn how to deal with stress
Stress affects us all in this day and age, therefore we need to create ways in which we de-stress as an individual. For some that may be getting outdoors, for others that may be staying at home and reading a book.

3. Break up the monotony
Although routines make us more efficient and enhance feelings of security, changing up a tedious schedule is important in making us realise there are a lot of fun things to do in life! Going on vacation, doing something unique at the weekend and meeting new people offer unbounded perks.

4. Get help when you need it
Whilst these tips can help maintain a healthy mind, there are points in which professional help is needed more than a pick-me-up. Make sure you seek help when feelings of depression, anxiety and other mental battles persist.