Mediclinic Woman is a special  population health  programme which focuses on the “Health of Women” (WHO preferred terminology). Women’s Health  is designed to ensure that all our female clients have easy and convenient access to Mediclinic’s Women’s Health services along the continuum of care.  From the teenage years, to pregnancy, antenatal care, labour and delivery, specific health conditions facing women such as endometriosis, PCOS and the menopause, as well as screening services, fertility treatment and aesthetic procedures, Mediclinic has you covered. 

At Mediclinic, we offer an integrated care pathway for women which means that our Women`s Health service not only focuses on already existing conditions, but also on prevention and longevity, as well the enhanced appearance and wellbeing of our women patients.

Whatever your clinical need, Mediclinic provides the highest international standards of care for women.  Our teams of experts are specialised in all areas of women’s health and whether you’re having a baby or require complex care for a disease or condition, you can be assured that you will receive the very best in collaborative, multidisciplinary care. 

Mediclinic provides physical and mental support for all women who require it.  Our services include women’s health physiotherapy, psychological counselling, aesthetic gynaecology, mum and baby support groups, healthcare in the home and much more to make sure we provide continuous care and support recovery.