The Head and Neck Unit across Mediclinic Dubai provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach for the investigation, treatment and rehabilitation of a full range of head and neck conditions ranging from head and neck cancer care, benign congenital and acquired neck lumps, thyroid and parathyroid diseases, complex voice and swallowing conditions to facial plastic surgery and reconstruction. Our specialist collaboration across Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and Mediclinic City Hospital ensures the most comprehensive Head and Neck service offering the highest quality diagnostic and treatment services..

The Head and Neck Unit benefits from the cohesive collaboration between ear, nose and throat consultants, head and neck surgeons and a support system including oral maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, dentists, respiratory medicine specialists, speech therapists, dieticians and physiotherapists. This comprehensive unit allows us to provide a comprehensive selection of treatment options to our patients for both conservative and interventional treatments for the head and neck.

Head & Neck Cancer

The Head and Neck Unit provides a dedicated service for a full range of cancers. Our multi-disciplinary team meets regularly to provide expert assessment, diagnostics, treatment plans and rehabilitation in a collaborative system to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Treatments include cancers of the oral cavity, oropharynx, larynx, nasopharynx, salivary glands, thyroid and skin.

Minimally Invasive Head and Neck Surgery

The Head and Neck unit provides innovative minimally invasive surgical options to ensure the fastest possible recovery for our patients. Our team of experts utilise trans-oral microsurgery and trans-oral robotic surgery, which allow a computer-enhanced system to assist in guiding surgical tools. This system provides our surgeons with an enhanced view for more precise movements in very small spaces and can result in a quicker recovery with fewer complications.

Benign Head and Neck Conditions

The Head and Neck Unit treats a range of benign conditions including toxic goiter, large thyroid goiters with retrosternal extension, parathyroid disease, congenital lumps, thyroglossal cysts, branchial arch cysts, salivary gland benign tumours, pleomorphic adenomas and Warthin’s tumours.

Neck Lump Services

Working closely with our radiology team, our head and neck specialists can diagnose and manage neck lumps or growths that may require further investigation. With state-of-the-art guided ultrasound, we can quickly and accurately diagnose any lumps that may be of concern, and then develop the appropriate treatment plan

Voice and Swallowing Disorders

The treatment of voice and swallowing disorders requires a dedicated team of physicians and support services to provide a full range of conservative and interventional options for our patients. The Head and Neck Unit includes dedicated head and neck surgeons, speech and language therapist and neurophysiology supported by video stroboscopy, fibre optic endoscopic evaluations of swallowing and injections via electromyography.

TMJ Disorders

The Head and Neck Unit provides a truly multidisciplinary approach to the management of temporo-mandibular joint issues. The team approach incorporates masseteric treatment, with guidance from our ENT consultants and oral maxillofacial surgeons, as well as comprehensive dental support for bite guards and physiotherapy, allowing a wide range of options to provide a tailored treatment plan for the best possible outcomes.

Paediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Services

Supported by our head and neck specialists, paediatric consultants and level III NICU unit, we can diagnose and treat a range of congenital and acquired airway disorders including laryngomalacia, subglottic stenosis and OSA.

Paediatric Neck Lumps

Our team, supported by our comprehensive radiology department, is expert in diagnosing and treating a range of neck lumps or growths in children.

Paediatric Congenital Anomalies of the Head and Neck

The Unit provides a vastly experienced team capable of diagnosing and treating the full range of congenital anomalies in the head and neck for children. Our imaging and interventional radiology team support in diagnosing and allowing our multidisciplinary unit to come up with the best treatment options for our paediatric patients.

Snoring and Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disorder that can be caused due to repetitive collapse of the upper airway during sleep. If left untreated, it can lead to a number of symptoms including excessive daytime tiredness, impaired function throughout the day, metabolic dysfunction and potentially an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. At The Head and Neck Unit, our head and neck surgeons, consultant pulmonologists and dental department work together to provide a full range of treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea conditions to ensure a return to the highest quality of life.