Mediclinic’s NIPT test in the UAE, utilizes state of the art Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology through our Mediclinic Precise laboratory, to provide you with the most accurate and reliable prenatal testing possible. The NIPT test is a genetic test that can be taken as early as 10 weeks  of your pregnancy to screen for specific chromosomal abnormalities that might affect the health of your baby. NIPT are also sometimes used to determine the gender of your baby at an earlier stage than an ultrasound.

Our ability to screen the whole fetal genome allows for a more accurate test with a lower test failure rate. Our NIPT testing in the UAE also offers a genetic counselling service, in-country testing and is supported by a CAP accredited lab. Our accuracy of testing using the Illumina platform for all three aneuploidies is 99.9% allows us the most accurate NIPT test available in the UAE. All pregnant women who need insight into their baby’s development can avail the test, regardless of their age. Mediclinic NIPT is recommended for all types of pregnancies. Medical societies today such as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG), support the use of NIPT as the first line of screening for all pregnancies, irrespective of maternal age or baseline risk.

To book an appointment with us for NIPT testing, please call 8001999